Can You Watch PowerPoint on a TV?


Microsoft PowerPoint is a fantastic presentation program, but it does require its users to have a PC with PowerPoint pre-installed. Sending a presentation, such as a photo presentation, to a friend or family member to share can be a great source of disappointment if it doesn’t render correctly on their computer due to a difference in the operating system or PowerPoint version. Is there anything we can do about the fact that Microsoft seems to control everything? Put that PowerPoint presentation on the TV. How exciting! I’m happy to share my knowledge with you after discovering that many people have already done this exciting and beneficial activity of watching PowerPoint presentations on television.

No cost access

Connecting your PC to a TV and seeing your PowerPoint on the larger screen is free. Still, the task is challenging because of the significant technological differences between a computer monitor and a TV monitor.

In contrast to computer screens, TV screens are interlaced, giving the appearance of a sheen to fine lines and text. Unless your TV monitor meets broadcast standards, some images may be cropped off the sides. This will reduce the amount of detail you can see. You can only find out if your graphics card is one of those that squeeze the image into a window within the visual output by trying it out.
You can use a component video cable if your video card supports it, an s-video cable if your video card supports it and your TV has an s-video input, or a convert from Radio Shack if neither of those options applies to you. From what I understand, specific computers feature an S-video connection, and if your TV or VCR accepts S-video input, then all you need is an S-video cable. An inexpensive scalar/converter will be required to convert the VGA signal to a composite (RCA) or RF (like what your TV cable comes in on) that the TV/VCR can accept. I believe the time and effort put into this approach has not paid off.

View a PowerPoint Presentation Via Apple TV

It’s no secret that Apple Company developed a fantastic product in the form of Apple TV, which instantly transfers all of your computer’s digital media files to your television. The best part is that Apple TV automatically updates itself whenever you add new content to iTunes. If we want to view a PowerPoint presentation on the big screen using Apple TV, then we should:
First, you’ll need to convert PowerPoint to a video format that iTunes will recognize, such as MPEG-4. How to convert PowerPoint to MPEG is a topic covered in greater detail elsewhere on our site.
Your PowerPoint presentation will look great on the big screen once you’ve uploaded the video to iTunes and synced it with your Apple TV.

The issue is that buying an Apple TV is prohibitively expensive and cumbersome. It might be fine for watching videos (on YouTube), but I wouldn’t recommend it for delivering a PowerPoint presentation.

Watch a presentation using PowerPoint and a DVD player.

We recommend burning your PowerPoint presentations to DVD so you can view them on your TV using a DVD player and remote. For this to work, the software you choose must support creating custom DVD menus, and the burning process must be reliable. For more information on the benefits of burning PowerPoint to DVD, including preventing unauthorized changes, see the article “Advantages of burning PowerPoint to DVD.” DVD players are inexpensive, so you can efficiently distribute presentations to others without worrying about whether or not they have PowerPoint or a personal computer installed.

Let’s look at how to Burn PowerPoint to DVD with Acoolsoft PPT2DVD.

Acoolsoft PPT2DVD allows batch conversion, so get started by loading several files into the program.

It’s important to understand that this program is designed to be used linearly; all you have to do is click “next” until you reach the last screen, where you may make any necessary adjustments.

What you do from there with the Menu settings is entirely up to you—click the following button.

Is everything in your sphere of influence?

You may rest assured that Acoolsoft will care for everything when you click the Next button.

If you click here and try it, we guarantee you will be satisfied.

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