Casino Games – New Online Casino Games Are Still Available


The first of today’s games is the successor to the extremely popular Texas Hold’em. The rules of the Texas Hold’em Bonus game (in a casino with Cryptologic software) are pretty similar to the laws of club hold’em.

The pocket cards are dealt to the player and dealer, after which the player decides whether or not to play and places a bet. Following that, three flop cards are dealt, and the player may place another bet and a chance after the turn. However, there are some distinctions: The player places the ante bet before the deal.

If the player wishes to continue playing the preflop game, he must place a bet equal to two antes (the flop bet), or he will be dropped and lose his ante. However, chances after the flop or turn are similar to one ante (turn and river bets); at this point, the player may say “check” and continue the game without further investment.

When the river is dealt, the combinations of dealer and player are compared according to the hold’em rules: the played away player loses all his bets; in case of a draw game, all stakes are returned; if the player had won, then he gets one-to-one payment as for the flop/turn/river bets; ante is returned in case if the combination is lower than the street and it is one-to-one repaid in case of street combination.

As you can see, the strategy for this game is complicated, and unlike club hold’em, you must play with almost 100% of your hands and drop only off-suit 23-27! During an optimal game, the casino has a nearly 2% advantage. The word “bonus” in the game’s name denotes the presence of additional bonus bets. The player can wager on his pocket cards. When the pocket pair, ace, jack, lady, or king, is revealed, the player receives payments ranging from three-to-one to thirty-to-one. The casino’s side bet advantage is approximately 8%.

If you enjoy playing Blackjack and bargaining when playing club poker, you should look into Hold’em Blackjack (only InterPoker has it). The game’s creators took the rules for collecting and calculating hand points from Blackjack – the player must have a combination that is as close to 21 as possible without going over. Because the game is not played against the dealer, there are no surrenders, divisions, or duplications, and Blackjack is disabled.

This is a straightforward pontoon game with no advantages against 21 points collected from three cards. The most senior combination, on the other hand, becomes “seven Charlie’s cards” – seven cards without overshoot. The action rules are based on hold’em. In the first round, each player receives one card, obligatory small and big blinds are placed (ante can also be used in tournaments), and then there is an action round that is entirely similar to limit hold’em with increments of big blind and a maximum of three raises. Finally, the card is distributed to each of the remaining players in the second round, and the second round of double bet action begins.

After the second round of action, players may continue to collect cards (clockwise from the player to the left hand of the dealer’s button). The player may continue to widow the cards until he wishes to stop or overshoots the pontoon. The final round of action begins when the players finish to the widow, with bets ranging from 2 to 10 big blinds.

When the action round is completed, there is a showdown; the player with the best combination (“Seven Charlie’s Cards,” 21, 20, etc.) takes the bank. If multiple players have identical combinations, the bank is divided. If the remaining players are overshot, the player with the fewest points (22, 23, etc.) wins. Then, as with club poker, the casino takes the rake. Although there is no standard strategy against opponents, it is reasonable to assume that the well-versed player in Blackjack and hold’em will have an advantage.

It should be noted that the popularity of various tournaments is increasing. Competing against human opponents rather than computer dealers is more exciting for players. There are tournaments for slots, Blackjack, Roulette, oasis poker, and baccarat. Numerous casinos host such games, even a blackjack tournament website.

Finally, let’s take a look at slot machine innovations. As I previously stated, there is a primarily quantitative increase – new images and lines (20-25 lines no longer surprise; there are even 30 and 40 lines). However, there are some innovations. The latest thing for the Internet that has long been known in offline games – slot with line stoppage and the option to “push” the drum. Cryptologic casinos now have the right to use so-called British fruit machines, classic slots with fruit themes. Still, as a bonus, players may have the option of either fixing 1-2 drums and twisting the remaining drums or shifting any of the drums on one symbol downwards.

Cubis slot is another Cryptologic innovation. The player sees three cube walls: the bottom and two back. There are 25 multi-colored cubes on each of the walls. Fifteen lines run through two divisions, and if four cubes of one color appear on one of the lines in a row, the player wins a prize based on the color and number of cubes. The winning cube sequence then vanishes, and its place is taken by other cubes, allowing a new winning line to be formed. There are also cube multipliers in the game that increase the prize up to six times and bonus cubes that will enable you to change the line or the entire plane.

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