Find out Why You Must Protect Your own Mental Health and Find Answer


God gives us essential lessons in dreams, however, nobody could understand the symbolic meaning of the dream dialect. Only a few civilizations of the world might understand the real meaning of the dream images, but they did not transmit their knowledge to the world.

Fortunately, Carl Jung managed to discover the symbolic which means of the dream language as well as understand the psychology of desires. He respected the subconscious wisdom, even though he did not have a religious attitude.

I can complete his research as well as clarify all the obscure factors in his complex work. For this reason, I was able to simplify the actual dream language.

Now everyone is able to have direct communication with God through dream communications. This is an advanced alternative. With the chance to directly understand The lord’s words in dreams (instead of being based only on the teachings given by our religion) we are able to better understand what to do. Therefore now everyone can solve their very own problems and transform their very own personality through dream mouvement in a short period of time. The transformation is specific along with fast.

However, will the entire world obey God’s guidance seeing that everyone can talk with God along with understanding His words throughout dreams?

God has no desire to save humanity, even now. They know that human beings are egocentric and lazy. He ended up believing in the possibility to avoid wasting the human race from insanity and terror.

However, They keep trying to save us all, even without believing that this can be done. He did so many things with the purpose to save the human race that he or she cannot simply accept The failure.

Everything God does to teach us the importance of many advantages was ruined by each of our evilness and by our carelessness to what is bad. Many of us listen to Satan’s words as an alternative to obeying God’s guidance since we like to be bad, even though we hide this particular intention from the world. We expect we have advantages when we are unethical.

Satan lives into the greatest part of our brain, providing us a second wild, chaotic, immoral, and cruel character. Our human personality should eliminate our satanic character by transforming our anti-conscience into a human being through awareness. This process is carried on once we follow dream therapy. All of us understand how to stop making mistakes, and how we develop our intelligence.

But nobody respects God’s assistance; neither thanks to their spiritual education nor thanks to typically the translation of the meaning with their dreams. Nobody wants to have confidence in the unpleasant truth along with fighting absurdity.

I had to be aware of God’s pain and His stress. I had to show the entire world that our dreams are very significant and explain in a straightforward manner how everyone can read the meaning of dreams, devoid of the time-consuming complications existent throughout Carl Jung’s method of wish interpretation.

Exactly at that timeframe, I was a young mother. This son was almost four-years-old. This fact helped me know God’s pain because The children were disobedient. I had been seeing how much my boy disregarded my lessons. Having been so important to me, this individual didn’t care about how my preoccupations.

I could understand The lord’s pain as a father. I had been seeing how hard it was to instruct something to your child.

The son was always licentious. He didn’t stop bouncing everywhere. I was responsible for your pet, but he didn’t worry about my responsibility or regarding his own safety. My activities as a mother were just in the beginning, but I could currently see that being a parent had not been a simple matter.

If your kid doesn’t obey you, simply put them on what you can do. You may try a multitude of ways to convince your child to try and do what is better for the puppy, but the way your child will probably react doesn’t depend on your personal attempts.

I understood this God did too much normally, but we were terrible little ones. We were ungrateful and vicious children.

God worked hard trying to teach us what it is really all about goodness. He designed beautiful flowers for us. He/she created numerous animals in addition to plants. He gave you so many lessons and He made use of so many different ways to teach you the importance of goodness that He could hardly accept His failure.

Still, God is obliged to take His failure after seeking so hard and never seeing virtually any positive result if He or she wants to be realistic.

Nobody is aware of the meaning of real chivalry on Earth. Nobody knows what it means of sanctity.

God will be terribly sad. He has simply no hope of ever saving our race. He is still wanting to achieve what is more than extremely hard to be achieved, but with no hope to see any constructive result. Satan is too robust.

I had to fight often the satanic anti-conscience in 1989 and show resistance to its problems in order to convince the world to help imitate my example. I put to show to the world this even a neurotic woman including me (who would undoubtedly become schizophrenic without The lord’s guidance) could escape insanity thanks to her obedience to the divine guidance.

My behavior training to the divine guidance with dreams, in signs of my very own reality, and in my foi helped me learn how to fight often the terrible anti-conscience, which produced mental illnesses within our reconnaissance.

The anti-conscience destroys all of our human conscience and normally takes the place of our ego. Because of this, we commit barbarous violations when it manages to demolish our conscience. We have stopped being human beings and we are operated by our satanic ancient conscience.

The existence of the satanic anti-conscience is the tragic reaction to the disorganized formation of the first live conscience previous to God’s existence.

God may discover the power of goodness this is exactly why He managed to become a potent genius. He had the idea to build our planet and completely do away with all the evilness of the market on this planet. God needed to transform all demons into perfect creatures like The dog.

However, Satan transformed The lord’s planet into a living terrible where everyone is a sufferer of their anti-conscience, besides like a victim of the violent, illegal, cruel, and crazy planet. Earth is controlled simply by Satan because our individual conscience doesn’t obey The lord’s guidance.

Our obedience to be able to God’s guidance is more than crucial if we want to eliminate the satanic nature. Without obeying the guidance we have inside dreams and in our religious beliefs, we cannot fight evilness and absurdity.

Our psychiatrists will never manage to transform the anti-conscience into a human being. Simply God can tame this specific demon.

You are having the benefit of gradually learning that will human beings have inherited a great absurd and evil crazy conscience, the anti-conscience, which includes satanic characteristics because it is the effect of the disorganized formation in the first live conscience just before God’s existence.

You know that will God created our planet due to the fact He wanted to transform the satanic anti-conscience into an individual thanks to our obedience to be able to His guidance.

You also understand that Carl Jung could understand the symbolic meaning in the dream language and understand unconscious psychology. God allowed me to discover the anti-conscience that Jung couldn’t see, and complete his or her research. This was why I possibly could simplify his extraordinary way of dream interpretation.

So, you recognize that I’m showing you simply tragic truth, but as well you also know that I’m providing you with a brilliant solution: compliance to God’s guidance inside dreams, which will transform an individual into a wise and very sensitive human being.

The vision you will have is based on scientific proof and also religious explanations. You have the particular privilege to understand the unhappy reality and see what is at the rear of the apparent reality, although being consoled by the idea that there is salvation.

God is present and He can transform an individual into a perfect human being. You can attain sanctity and make use of all of your brain power. Therefore, although you have learned the tragic fact about the satanic origin in the human being, you also know that there exists salvation.

Those who become in your head ill because they are victims connected with terror and their anti-conscience normally takes advantage of their despair and don’t have the chance to understand anything. Many people suddenly see that they cannot manage their behavior. They have panic disorders. They have blackouts. They get rid of their identity.

Then, many people who commit violent crimes identified frequent nightmares about their bloody behavior.

This is a tragic certainty.

You can prevent craziness in addition to terror and completely do away with your anti-conscience before having critical psychological problems if you will still obey the divine direction in dreams. Therefore, even when you are sad and astonished for learning the poisonous truth about human nature, that knowledge is protecting your personal mental health.

God is hoping to save the human race from terror and teach you the meaning of goodness, although we don’t want to learn His / her lessons. We have the approach of our absurd and unpleasant anti-conscience, which refuses to change. The anti-conscience remains in a very primitive condition because it won’t change its behavior.

Many of us hate behavioral changes as this is part of our untamed nature. However, we have to transform our behavior, so that natural meats learn how to be wise in order to find happiness in life. We can not have the behavior of is. We must learn how to be quiet and sensitive.

We have to take note of the flowers that decorate society. We have to respect our meaning principles the same way we esteem physical laws. We have to often show compassion to all humankind, in all situations. In a few words, we will need to pass through a deep technique of psychological transformation and psychic purification in order to learn how to always be wise.

This process of change is necessary not only because this method we will find peace as well as happiness. This process is essential because this is the only method we can prevent and get rid of craziness and terror.

For that reason as an intelligent human being who else understands the importance of your psychological stability, you have to take action to do everything you can to eliminate your own satanic anti-conscience and become a witty human being. You have to help Our god put an end in order to craziness and terror because of your example.

If you’ll certainly indifferent to this necessity, your daily life will always be in danger. You’ll never discover peace.

Your anti-conscience is really a terrible demon, which desires to destroy your human mind and take the place of your pride and control your conduct. You are the human being existing in the brain of this demon. You have to transform this demon right into a human being like you.

If you will fail, the consequences of this failure will be tragic. Your anti-conscience is very powerful because it takes up the biggest part of your brain. This speaks with your own tone of voice and it pretends to be yourself. It starts sending a person thoughts that seem to be rational.

If you’ll disregard the poor side of the anti-conscience’s recommendations and you’ll follow its ridiculous thoughts, you will gradually shed your capacity to think realistically. Your anti-conscience will get into your conscience even more.

You will start feeling dizzy occasionally. You’ll have panic attacks. You’ll turn out to be always more insecure as well as angry. You’ll say a lot of things you have no intention for you too, without being able to control your habits. You’ll show abnormal habits in many situations, without being capable to stop doing what your anti-conscience imposes on you.

Then, you are going to face numerous conflicts in daily life, and you’ll start obtaining blackouts. Blackouts are time frames of total emptiness, with virtually no thought. During these empty time frames, you won’t know what you are doing. Therefore your satanic anti-conscience can act in your place when you’ll ignore what it has been performing with your hands.

Real circumstances of multiple personality dysfunction have clearly shown us all the existence of the anti-conscience, which often takes the place of the personal ego. The person has a Sacramento, which means that their man conscience dies for a selected period of time. During this period of time, their very own wild anti-conscience takes the spot of their ego and it does crimes with their hands. If they recover their destroyed man conscience for a certain timeframe, they cannot remember the criminal activity they had committed while they were holding completely controlled by their own anti-conscience.

If you’ll dismiss the danger to suffer from multiple character disorder, let me remind a person that if you’ll lose everybody you love and everything you possess, you don’t know what can happen to you. On the other hand, a simple depression currently is a big problem in your life. You don’t have to be afraid of the worst insanity to desire to protect your own sanity.

Are you sure you are going to always be able to keep your mind alive, in any situation?

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