General Knowledge – an Imperative Part of Our Lives


Why is general knowledge considered an imperative part of our lives? It is mainly because of the benefits it offers to better our lives. General knowledge provides numerous advantages to a person. Practicing multiple activities on general knowledge helps the children receive information about socially valued and accepted topics. It covers broad topics like current affairs, politics, social issues, civilization, health, science, etc. 

By practicing regularly, children can quickly increase their degree of general knowledge. Children can utilize multiple resources like GK questions and answers to cover numerous topics and enhance their wisdom. The habit of updating information from a young age will help a child achieve significant advancements in their lives.

What are the Benefits of Practising General Knowledge Activities?

Practicing general knowledge activities helps children to open multiple doors of opportunity in their lives. Personal and professional progress can be marked by children who have public awareness of events in society. Children can easily prepare themselves by practicing activities like GK questions for class 1 to win multiple examinations and competitions. 

Nowadays, general knowledge is given more significance in almost all competitive examinations conducted in our nation. More weightage marks are given to general knowledge questions than any other subjects. Some of the main benefits a child has by practicing general knowledge activities are listed below. 

● Practicing general knowledge activities improves the academic performance of children. It will help children to connect their general ideas with the academic syllabus. In addition, general knowledge will assist children in performing well in debate competitions, quiz challenges, essay writing competitions, and other programs conducted by the schools. All these initiatives will bring a positive impact on their academic lives. 

● Communication plays a crucial role in our lives. Through communication, people can develop a strong sense of connection. General knowledge helps to improve the communication skills of children. With a basic understanding of socially relevant topics, children can easily step forward to mark their opinions and expressions. Such a skill will let children easily break the uncomfortable silences. 

● Practicing general knowledge activities improves the confidence of children. Comprehensive knowledge of various facts and figures will help children confidently express their opinions in front of others. Children will no longer feel shy to express their views before others. It helps set individual viewpoints regarding a subject without being influenced by anyone outside. 

● General knowledge helps a child stay updated with the latest trends in society. Children practicing general knowledge questions will know about the latest changes in almost every aspect of human lives.  

● General knowledge helps a child to be independent in their lives. Children can acknowledge the things around them and choose what is best for them. They will no longer have to rely on others to achieve anything in their lives. 

These are the main benefits a child has from practicing general knowledge activities. For more such kid-friendly topics and stories, visit BYJU’S website.

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