Horror Science And Experiments


Since Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein, scientists have experimented with bringing dead creatures back to life through artificial means – with mixed results. The Interesting Info about Ancient Civilizations Secrets.

Philip Zimbardo of Stanford University conducted a terrifying experiment. He recruited 24 students and assigned them either as prisoners or guards in an improvised prison. The results showed how easily otherwise normal individuals can give in to their darker impulses given power.

The Fly

This film goes beyond depicting physical transformations; it also examines the emotional scarring caused by loss. Here, the loss of a scientist’s son drastically alters not only his life and company’s course but also their relationships. A delicate mixture of drama, misery, and repulsiveness abounds throughout.

The film also examines the limits of scientific hubris. Seth Brundle’s teleportation experiment accidentally fused his genetic material with that of a housefly, slowly changing him into a fly-human hybrid. While Seth believed these changes to be positive ones, Ronnie rejected them outright, and his anger soon spiraled into an epic fight that threatened the universe itself.

Cronenberg masterfully combined fundamental fly biology and his dark sense of horror to craft an immersive film experience that was both psychologically frightening and emotionally wrenching.

The DVD version of this film offers numerous extras. On disc one is an audio commentary by director David Cronenberg that discusses various topics pertinent to each scene he was filming, such as casting and the relationship between Goldblum and Davis, the designing of the telepod, technical aspects like motion control and visual effects, and the physical transformation of the lead character.


Re-Animator, one of the cult classics that inspired Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead series, remains one of the most loved horror/comedies ever made. Although its effects may not live up to expectations, Re-Animator remains an absolutely thrilling watch, thanks mainly to Jeffrey Combs as mad scientist Herbert West, who delivers an astounding performance as an over-the-top cartoon that manages to be both creepy and funny at once! He even kissed Barbara Crampton bare-chested during one scene!

Re-Animator is inspired by H. P. Lovecraft’s short stories in Herbert West-Reanimator. While not adhering strictly to Lovecraft’s work, Re-Animator still draws upon this basis to tell its twisted tale of reanimated corpses and self-obsessed scientists in a 1980s horror cinematic style—where “more gore means better.”

Re-Animator transforms Lovecraft’s stories into an original narrative set at Miskatonic University’s fictional medical school. Dean Cain advertises for roommates when Dr. Herbert West claims he has found a serum capable of reanimating dead bodies, sparking off West’s experiments, which escalate into mayhem and violence as his experiments prove disastrous for Cain’s health and his roommate hunt. It’s an adventure from start to finish, with plenty of bloody scenes filled with reanimated heads!


Leviathan is a demon who personifies chaos, destruction, and evil in our Omniverse. With an immense influence that spreads far across it all, its presence can be felt everywhere – especially by anyone coming in contact with it. Leviathan operates through pride and self-worship that can harm those under its spell, making things seem more appealing than they really are – thus, people must break free of its grip by rejecting all forms of pride or arrogance that may appear attractive at first glance. Science Behind The Paranormal

A Leviathan typically appears as a massive black-scaled serpentine dragon capable of moving at great speed. Its eyes glisten silver while its body can span dozens of meters even when coiling. Leviathan harbors intense rivalries against her creator God and loves causing problems for Him; nonetheless, she still respects His authority and remains subject to its control.

European sailors during seafaring’s golden age saw this creature as an enormous whale-like sea monster that devoured whole ships by swimming so fast around them as to create whirlpools. According to scripture, however, Leviathan is described as an intimidating threat that inspires fear among mankind and poses a potential danger to all life on earth.

Leviathan can project powerful lights capable of destroying almost anything through its innumerable bioelectric feelers, which collect photokinetic energy and channel it through their bodies. Furthermore, its conjoined feelers allow it to generate miniature versions of chaos-inducing blasts through several patches connected by bioelectric feelers.


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