How Green Technology Makes Asphalt Paving Eco-Friendly


The asphalt industry has greatly benefitted from the Environmental Protection Agency’s stricter air pollution standards and recycled material and green technologies being introduced into their processes. The best guide to finding Hometown Asphalt Paving of Oakland.

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Safety First

Asphalt is a highly adhesive substance, capable of burning skin if mishandled, and must be handled with care when handling by workers who work with it. Personnel working with asphalt should receive proper training on its handling and wearing appropriate personal protective equipment; furthermore, it must be remembered that when heated, asphalt releases harmful vapors and fumes that may be toxic.

Workers on construction projects who use asphalt face unique hazards. Depending on their job duties, employees can be exposed to extreme heat as well as moving parts of machinery and heavy vehicles, while using hot asphalt can expose employees to severe burns as well as debilitating injuries that require medical treatment if left unattended. It may also irritate the eyes, nose, and throat and potentially even cause cancerous growths in humans.

Contractors must provide MDOT with the name of an individual who will serve as safety manager on their project to ensure there are clear communication lines and rapid responses should any safety issues arise during implementation.

Contractors should ensure a survey crew places string lines at an appropriate elevation and does not interfere with construction to achieve the smoothest possible pavement mat behind their paver screed. Furthermore, they should discuss methods that will be employed to complete the construction of pavement on time and according to specifications.

Quality Workmanship

Asphalt paving contractors must follow stringent guidelines in order to provide quality work, with all necessary equipment, highly-trained technicians, and complete insurance protection in place in case any accidents or injuries arise from their services. This is especially important if they’re working on your driveway or parking lot, which are significant investments.

Allied Construction is a full-service contractor providing residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal asphalt paving services for every need imaginable. Their professional staff takes great pride in offering outstanding customer service while having extensive experience in managing large projects. Their staff can provide the expertise and equipment necessary for your project to be completed on time and within budget.

Cadillac Asphalt of Lansing, MI, is a professional, licensed, and insured asphalt paving service dedicated to “service beyond the surface.” Their state-of-the-art manufacturing plant ensures their products adhere to all industry requirements for quality standards and specifications.

This MDOT-prequalified company serves both commercial and residential properties across Michigan. Their free estimates for your project can be requested year-round, and they are committed to continual improvement; their technicians receive training on current trends and techniques within their industry, while a team of experts is always on standby should issues arise during your project.

Environmentally Friendly

Asphalt paving solutions are eco-friendly because they require less energy to produce and construct than other forms of pavement. Manufacturers create asphalt from recycled materials like rock, sand, and slag before mixing in some petroleum to create asphalt cement – saving precious natural resources by not necessitating additional quarrying operations to obtain new material for production.

Asphalt plants were not always considered eco-friendly in the past; however, over recent decades, the industry has drastically improved. Nowadays, most asphalt plants abide by both EPA standards as well as their own stringent set of guidelines in order to minimize contaminant release into the atmosphere – no longer considered significant contributors to air pollution by the EPA.

Asphalt paving materials are eco-friendly because they do not emit toxic vapors and produce far fewer greenhouse gasses than concrete does. Plus, they have no negative impacts on soil or water quality like other paving materials may do.

As members of the Michigan Asphalt Pavement Association (APAM), we work closely with MDOT and DEQ to represent asphalt’s interests in construction specifications and regulations. Furthermore, through partnerships with the National Asphalt Pavement Association and Asphalt Institute, we stay abreast of industry information while offering timely reference materials and training opportunities to our members.

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Asphalt paving is more cost-effective than concrete in terms of its cost per square foot, making it an excellent option for driveways, smaller homes, and corporate businesses alike. Plus, asphalt helps reduce noise pollution!

Asphalt resurfacing can be completed quicker and with minimal disruptions to traffic flow, which makes asphalt an attractive choice during rush hour when traffic can become incredibly congested. Plus, asphalt is more straightforward to repair and maintain.

Maintaining asphalt pavement properly can extend its life up to 30 years in Michigan’s climate of moisture, extreme temperature shifts, and freeze-thaw cycles.

Proper crack repair is vital in prolonging the lifespan of asphalt pavements. Cracked areas in your pavement could be due to sun oxidation, water penetration, poor construction practices, or poor design and can become damaged over time due to dirt and water entering through cracks in its structure. Proper repairs can protect pavement against further deterioration while prolonging its useful lifespan.

Central Asphalt, part of Fisher Companies, prides itself on providing its customers with quality work. They understand that safety and customer satisfaction are of utmost importance in any paving project; thus, their experienced team of asphalt construction and maintenance experts specialize in both. Furthermore, Central Asphalt utilizes cutting-edge technologies such as Streetprint to create unique patterns on any new or existing asphalt surface surface.

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