How Much Do Celebrities Pay For Bodyguards?


Celebrities spend vast sums hiring bodyguards for protection, usually consisting of former police officers, military personnel, or FBI agents who make significant income by remaining on call 24/7. Celebrities spend millions hiring them. What do you consider about celebrity bodyguards Sydney.

Kesha is an example of someone who requires bodyguards; she’s often seen walking arm-in-arm with them. Kesha spends an estimated annual budget of $75,000 on security.

Barbra Streisand

Singer Kesha understands how unpredictable fans and paparazzi can be, so she always has her bodyguard.

Jason Momoa may not appear to require much protection, yet the actor still employs bodyguards to handle fans and paparazzi. He spends approximately $125,000 annually on security.

Jennifer Aniston is well-known as a celebrity who enjoys meeting fans yet recognizes that some may become aggressive toward her. That is why she spends $240,000 annually on bodyguards.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston may have a beautiful fiance to help protect her. Yet, she spends over $50,000 yearly on bodyguards because she is such a high-profile celeb and is mobbed by fans and paparazzi alike.

Oscar Award Winner Jennifer Lawrence can often be seen accompanied by her bodyguard on hikes.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears has many fans that can sometimes become quite intense, leading her to hire several bodyguards to keep them under control.

Three of Britney Spears’ former guards have filed a lawsuit alleging she owes them overtime back pay, never bathed, smoked in front of them, and left them smelling cigarettes.

Jason Momoa stands tall enough to defend himself on his own yet still requires bodyguards – spending an estimated annual budget of $125,000 on them.

Jason Momoa

Kesha has amassed considerable wealth, while her fans can sometimes become unruly, so it is no surprise that she spends a substantial sum on security – often seen walking arm-in-arm with bodyguards.

Black Eyed, Peas singer Fergie pays her bodyguard, Pascal, an estimated annual sum to reach approximately $10k. Pascal does more than protect Fergie; in 2011 alone, he helped save the life of a passenger experiencing seizure symptoms on board a plane.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner and the Kardashian-Jenner clan must spend considerable time and money on security measures due to the constant attention from fans who approach them. Kylie herself always travels accompanied by bodyguards.

Taylor Swift understands how fans and paparazzi can become intrusive, so she carefully monitors her security. Her bodyguards even accompany her on shopping trips and rollercoasters!

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez spends over $500,000 each year on bodyguards. She must protect herself from fans and paparazzi, who can sometimes become aggressive towards her and any fans that attempt to attack.

Slow Down singer Selena Gomez recently took action to defuse an argument between Hailey Bieber and her fans, thanks to the expertise of her security team, who are always ready to act when called upon – not forgetting Gomez being so protective over her friends and family members.


With her net worth estimated at $610 Million, Madonna does not take any chances when protecting herself and traveling alone. Therefore, she always travels with a bodyguard to ward off paparazzi and fans.

She spends $2 Million annually on security. She and her former Brangelina partner have multiple properties that also need protecting. Her famous guards look similar to Hugh Jackman, so it comes as no surprise she increased security after becoming pregnant in 2020.


Bella Hadid estimates her annual bodyguard costs to be approximately $250k. Although some have drawn comparisons between Bella’s bodyguards and those belonging to Jason Statham, she will quickly correct them if any attempt at flirtation with fans or paparazzi goes too far.

Victoria Beckham, of former Spice Girl fame, boasts an enormous net worth that she uses to pay for her lavish entourage of bodyguards and close associates. Often she takes them out shopping or on trips.

Harry Styles

As many celebrities must deal with stalkers and fans over time, security services must also be on hand. Harry Styles employs Mick Jagger’s former bodyguard to protect himself from paparazzi photographers and his followers.

Lady Gaga always leaves home with her team of bodyguards, even when running errands.


She spends $10,000 each year on security. She uses only experienced bodyguards; one even saved a life on an airplane!

Naturally, Queen Bey would need her entourage; her fans are known to follow her everywhere she goes, and she always requires protection. Max, her most notable bodyguard, is known for his broad build and distinct mohawk.

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