How to Change Thumbnail Design on YouTube


Changes to YouTube thumbnails can be an effective way to increase click-through rates. The key is finding designs that resonate with your target audience, testing them on well-performing videos, and monitoring results. Find the best youtube thumbnail downloader.

Text, clip art, or backgrounds can make your video thumbnails stand out and create a consistent brand aesthetic.

Choose the Right Image

An effective video thumbnail design is critical to engaging YouTube viewers, increasing clicks and traffic for your video clips, and setting your channel apart. A custom-made thumbnail will attract more eyeballs and create something extraordinary on its channel page.

There are countless methods of creating video thumbnails. Still, the critical element is always using high-quality images and colors that complement each other to help viewers differentiate your video from others on the page. Opposite colors on the color wheel (such as green with red) work incredibly effectively at creating a striking contrast.

A video thumbnail can be created using still images from the video; however, this often doesn’t look as professional as professionally designed thumbnails. Furthermore, text in video thumbnails may be challenging to read when small, so if including text, consider keeping it brief and to the point.

Add pizzazz and flare to your video thumbnail by using graphic treatments, whether simple such as adding borders around images, or more complex such as text and icons – for instance, including episode or series numbers will help viewers recognize your videos!

Add Text or Graphics

Text can effectively draw viewers in and encourage clicks, but beware: always use short, legible text. When creating a headline for your thumbnail, try keeping the length between 70 characters or less to ensure readability on YouTube and keep users watching your video!

If you want to add text or graphics to your YouTube video thumbnails, the app offers templates for easy use in creating professional-looking thumbnails. Some even come equipped with helpful tips on creating successful thumbnails!

Create your video thumbnail using one of your photos as the basis. While this option requires a verified account and may take longer, it will ensure that your video thumbnail stands out.

Test different thumbnail designs to discover which works best with your videos. Pick one that performs well, modify its thumbnail design accordingly, and monitor results – if the click-through rate increases with its introduction, this indicates success for that particular video.

Add a Background

Adding a background to your YouTube thumbnail lets you catch viewers’ eyes. Choose colors or patterns that complement the theme of your video and use that as the basis of your thumbnail. Alternatively, create an original background using photos or graphics; test different designs to see which works best if your channel follows an established marketing style.

When making videos about products or services, images of these can help draw viewers’ attention and emphasize critical details. Research by social media management agency Research Gate indicates that videos featuring faces tend to attract more likes and comments on Facebook and Instagram.

Filmora’s built-in library of high-resolution images is ideal for YouTube thumbnails, and it features an automatic video resizer that automatically scales pictures to their proper sizes for upload.

Alternately, Fotojet provides 23 free templates to summarise your video into click-worthy thumbnails. In addition, AI Portrait enables the removal or alteration of the background of an image without a green screen or chroma key technology.

Use Contrasting Colors

Utilizing contrasting colors in your video thumbnail is an excellent way to draw people’s attention and keep it. Choose colors opposite on the color wheel or close together (such as green with red). This will make your thumbnail stand out while still being easily readable, and you may also experiment with varying levels of contrast and brightness to determine what works best for you.

Text can help make video thumbnails more captivating by providing viewers with a concise synopsis or to emphasize specific keywords or important details; however, it must be remembered that too much text may distract viewers and turn them away from your video.

Finalize the consistency of your thumbnails by matching the overall theme of videos. This can be accomplished by checking layout, font size and style, color choices, and viewer engagement with videos viewed, creating a cohesive visual experience for viewers that could increase chances of watching more. Including your logo in thumbnails would also be worthwhile to increase brand recognition and build brand identity.

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