How to Manage Your Blog in 6 Easy Steps


You’ve successfully launched your blog enterprise. The ****.com company has appointed you its chief executive officer. So, now what?

Now that you have a website, you have undoubtedly already added some material. You have also read’s articles on search engine optimization, content creation, and the beginning stages of starting a business.

Allow me to offer some essential guidance. Stop writing in your blog and go out into the world. Walk up to any store in your neighborhood and start taking notes.

As you all know, blogs evolved from people’s desire to share more of their private thoughts and experiences online. For those of us with long-term monetization goals, the blogosphere is quite similar to traditional retail in many respects. You offer up articles (products) and write a blog hoping that others will read and buy it.

Even though “Content Is King,” as we bloggers like to say, the sad reality is that if you only add material to your site, it will never succeed. If you can wait patiently, you can let your blog expand naturally through a steady stream of readers.

But you need to treat her like a business if you intend for your blog to generate income. I’ll update you on the management tricks I use to keep my websites working smoothly. Remember that the advice I’m giving you is not meant to be taken in isolation but as part of a larger whole.

First, you should regularly update your content.

If you’re just getting started and have your domain hosted, you can devote as much as 80 percent of your time to content creation. Post and publish your material every day for the next two weeks if you want to see results quickly.

After at least two weeks, I’ve cut back on how many times I update with new content and started giving equal effort to search engine optimization and promoting my blog.

Second, make use of search engine optimization techniques.

Regarding search engine optimization (SEO), timing is everything. You can get quick results from the moment you download WordPress by performing some basic SEO on the HTML of your theme.

Ping your URL to after publishing your article. Using Pingler, you may alert the 91 participating search engines that you have new content. Keep in mind that regularly updated blogs perform better in search results.

Third, strategically allocate your time.

If you, like me, are still working full time, treat your employer respectfully. Never skimp on your work when you’re supposed to put in your maximum effort. Remember, it was your employer who provided the funding for your blog.

Being a part-time blogger leaves little time to tend to the blog business after I get home. My current location on the stunning island of Penang has done wonders for my productivity as a blogger. Distances in Penang are much more manageable than in other Malaysian cities like KL. The frequency of traffic congestion is also lower, so I have more time to devote to my loved ones and essential endeavors.

Tip #4: Create Inbound Links

The frequency of my material updates currently ranges from twice to three times each week, depending on my inspiration levels. Article submission to authoritative article directories like and helped me create backlinks to my blogs on days when I wasn’t conducting content research. Since submitting articles takes up much of our time, I recommend limiting your link-building campaign’s focus to only one or two article directories.

In addition to submitting your content’s URL to article directories, you should also submit it to social bookmarking sites like and Once again, I limit my attention to just two websites to devote more time to other matters.

Suggestion #5: Advertise on Social Media

Now that my blogs are out, I plan to devote more effort to expanding my Twitter following. When trying to increase traffic to our blogs, participation in social media marketing platforms is a necessary evil. Just picture yourself opening a store to sell plastic goods in a quiet part of town without bothering to promote it.

Tweet widget plugins are available for use on our Word Press blog. All that is required of us is to interact with other Twitter users to gain as many followers as possible. If you agree with what someone else has tweeted, please retweet it.

Money-Making Ideas for Your Blog

This is a tricky situation. Unfortunately, I haven’t even begun integrating AdSense or other affiliate programs into Search engines, especially Google, highly value websites that aren’t created solely to make money. Therefore, if you want Google to give your site a high ranking, you shouldn’t worry about making money right now.

Start a blog, get some readers, and then we can speak about making money off of them.

Let me be your tour guide as you embark on the exciting blogging world. Stop by [] and say hello.

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