How to prevent a Bicycle Accident


Individuals are amongst the most insecure road users. A combination of factors signifies that cyclists are exposed to dangers that most motorists don’t even have to consider. For example, being less apparent to drivers and currently being complete without any tonne of metal protection signifies that your average cyclist is likely to be badly injured when they head to head with a vehicle. There were 114 bicyclists killed in 2003, and 2 297 seriously hurt. Although a cyclist can stop rapidly if they encounter a barrier, a car driver is less prone to see a bike until the last second.

The first and most apparent security pointer that applies to everyone who takes to the street on a push bike would be to wear a helmet. Period helmets are only designed and tested to withstand an impact equal to an average weight rider venturing at a speed of twelve mph and falling onto the kerb from a height of just one metre. Because of this, riders ought not to become complacent and depend on their helmet to save their own lives in an accident. The easiest method to avoid serious personal injury is usually to try and avoid being reached by car in the first place.

Subsequently, you should wear reflective garments and always use front and rear lights if using at night or if the gentle is impaired. Yet another helpful safety device could be the mirror. This can help you to ascertain the traffic from each angle. Many bike injuries occur when the car and you are out of the room clips your rear tire. This is not as serious as being an accident from the front or maybe from the side, but it can easily still knock you off and cause serious injury. Searching in a mirror occasionally, you may assess any potential problems. If you are prepared to ride on the roads, you should protect yourself. Car owners can’t always see you as well as unfortunately for much of the time have not learnt to look out about cyclists. Everyone has a right to be on the road, so protect yourself as much as possible.

Common mishaps and how to avoid them

You are more prone to be seriously injured in a car collision than in a bike-only accident. You will find one or two car versus bicycle accident types that are relatively common and that, with a little bit of foresight, can be avoided. They may be shown below with some strategies for avoiding a deadly crash.

If a car pulls from a side road to your correct

You will either period into the side of the vehicle, or it will drive into the side of you. If you are riding at night, the driver may not have spotted anyone at all, so you should have a bright light on the front of your bike so that they are more likely to be capable of spotting it.

Secondly, you could look at shouting at the driver when you approach the vehicle; although warning buzzers are now mandatory on motorbikes again, you may not be listened to just by tinkling bells. You should also consider slowing right down. You really should get to your destination in a big hurry, but by slowing down a little bit, you can potentially avoid a crash

The final way to avoid a crash of this kind is to cruise closer to the centre within your lane. The car driver will be looking down the hub of the lane for various other cars, not along the kerb for cyclists. You can also move further away from the car if that doesn’t notice you and pulls out. Obviously, while you are on a busy road with a few side roads, it can be safer to stay nearer to the kerb but be slight to the left on a slow-moving road with lots of junctions.

A car doorstep suddenly opens.

If this happens, you simply won’t have very long to stop. To ensure the best option is to ride closer to the middle when you are riding, decrease a road with lots of not-in-use cars. Again if the route is fast and small, avoid this, but evaluate the road you are on and drive accordingly.

A car passes you actually and then turns explicitly left in front of you

Don’t ride on often the pavement, as motorists definitely won’t be looking out for you when they become a side road

Take away up more of the road. If a vehicle driver has to sit behind you before the road is clear to eclipse, they are unlikely to take across you. Judge the trail and give yourself space

check in your mirror as you method a junction. Once you get to the turning, you will have to end up paying attention to what is going on around you

An automobile coming towards you makes a proper turn right in front of you or directly into you

Don’t overtake sluggish moving cars on the proper as cars turning proper will not be able to see you

wear bright clothing so that individuals can see you. Yellow and also orange vests will make that impossible to miss an individual

oxide slowly. Again, it will be possible to stop more quickly if you are driving slowly in the first place. Whilst it usually is a pain, you will be grateful should a car cut you up

Check your bike

It is worth your time to check your bike before you even get on the item. Every time you take it out, you should provide the once over to identify that the tyres are piped up and the brakes if you are.

at the tyres to measure if they are tight in the shape

squeeze the tyres to measure that they are correctly inflated

put the bike on the ground in addition to applying the brakes, be sure that the brake pads bear smoothly on the rim, and often push the bike forward to see if often the brakes work

I check every one of the levers on the handle nightclub is correctly fitted

Grasp the saddle and ensure it is correctly fitted with no lateral movements

Make sure you will have lights that work so that you secure on the road in the dark

Personal injury payout

Cycling should be enjoyable in addition to a healthy pastime. It can conserve money on fuel and is exceptionally environmentally friendly. The only drawback is the risk of being involved in an automobile accident. Sadly, this happens, and many people are left with critical injuries. Suppose you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a car accident, a cycling or bike accident. In that case, you may be entitled to produce a personal injury compensation claim. For more information and also free legal advice, go to

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