Instagram Growth Strategies to Grow Your Following


Create an actionable plan for growing your Instagram following to ensure it fits within your marketing objectives and brand image. A strategy can help expand brand recognition or boost direct conversions – ensure it works! Guide to buy Instagram followers.

Organic Instagram growth strategies include using hashtags, posting regularly, and creating stories.

1. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are an invaluable way to make your content discoverable, categorize it, and increase its discoverability. Utilizing industry-relevant hashtags increases the likelihood that likes, comments, and followers will engage with them and increase brand visibility in search results.

Search keywords associated with your industry and products/services to locate relevant hashtags. Alternatively, follow influencers in your niche to see which tags they utilize on social media posts.

According to Instagram, keep the number of hashtags you use per post within reason to avoid overwhelming your audience and increase reach significantly. According to their data, employing more than seven will not considerably expand reach.

2. Post Regularly

Staying consistent in posting can keep your audience up-to-date and engage them more, drawing in new followers and increasing engagement. Establishing and adhering to a posting schedule can make your account more active, increasing the odds that Instagram’s algorithm will feature it.

Use a social media management tool to make posting easier, saving time and effort. This will save both of you valuable resources!

When scheduling posts, consider when your audience will most likely see them. For instance, step-by-step video recipes tend to perform best at dinnertime when people are cooking, while photos of cafes may do better during the afternoon slump. Hootsuite can help you identify optimal posting times on Instagram by measuring impressions, reach, and engagement rates.

3. Create Stories

Instagram Stories are ideal for showcasing your brand, humanizing the business, and establishing relationships with your target audience.

Your stories can also contain clickable links that direct followers to your website, landing page, or online store. You can add these in your bio, Stories, or IGTV.

Instagram marketing may take time, but with these growth strategies to enhance organic engagement, you’ll quickly increase your following and strengthen your brand. Avoid using fake or spam accounts to boost follower count artificially; regularly remove ghost followers; this reveals your actual engagement rate while improving the impact of ads; using both strategies with an Instagram advertising budget can maximize potential success on Instagram.

4. Make Your Profile Represent Your Brand

Though Instagram’s algorithm updates make organic growth challenging for businesses, key tactics can help reach new audiences and build trust within your brand.

Start by conducting a competitive analysis to see how your competitors use Instagram. With Instagram’s analytics page, you can gain plenty of free insight, such as when your target audience is most active and engaged.

Provide content that aligns with your values and represents your company culture, whether sharing office photos, recognizing employee achievements, or posting about exciting upcoming events hosted by your business.

Combining various Instagram post types will also help set your account apart. Experiment with features like Stories and Reels; @klaviyo used an eye icon and text overlay in their post to encourage followers to swipe left for their Black Friday report.

5. Use Instagram Live

Instagram Live can be an incredible way to interact with your audience and build lasting connections. You can showcase your personality, respond to questions from followers, and make you’re following by inviting fellow influencers or brands onto the stream.

Instagram Live can help your brand tell its story more effectively by showing your followers behind-the-scenes content and building trust among your followers. Furthermore, Live videos allow for increased interactions by pinning comments to your video for increased participation during Live streaming sessions.

Use Instagram Insights to discover when your audience is online and create Lives that best capture that timeframe. Tools such as MeetEdgar can also give a weekly performance report, including follower changes and top posts. If that is not enough data, upgrade to a business account for more advanced analytics!

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