Siemens 20 Amp Breaker UL Listed For Residential Applications


20 amp circuits provide more power to heavy appliances and receptacles than 15 amp breakers can manage, including those using thicker 12-gauge wire for overheating protection that could otherwise result in tripped breakers or fire hazards. The actual Interesting Info about عامل فروش زیمنس.

This plug-in circuit breaker combines Class A 5mA GFCI and Combination Type AFCI protection against both arc faults and ground faults, with its new self-test feature making compliance with the National Electrical Code easy.

UL Listed

Siemens provides an array of UL-listed circuit breakers designed for residential applications. Breakers protect wiring from overcurrent and interrupt high current surges, which could otherwise lead to fires or electrical shock. They’re also built to minimize 60Hz hum during normal operations while offering overload warnings before the trip.

A 20 amp breaker can handle more electrical current than its 15 amp counterpart, making it suitable for large appliances and power tools in kitchens, laundry rooms, and garages. Furthermore, dedicated 20-amp circuits may also be recommended in hallways, bedrooms, and living rooms to avoid overstressing the house’s wiring system.

GFCI protection safeguards devices against receiving potentially damaging line-to-ground fault currents by constantly monitoring the difference between the hot and neutral conductors of an outlet or device. If the current flowing into an outlet exceeds 5mA of that returning from it, a GFCI will de-energize its circuit to stop electricity flowing further through that outlet or device.

Function breakers enable homeowners to meet the National Electric Code requirements for Arc Fault and Ground Fault protection in kitchen and laundry circuits. These breakers combine Class A 5mA GFCI protection and combination-type AFCI receptacles into one device – eliminating the need for separate receptacles. They’re even cross-listed with Challenger panels, so you don’t have to upgrade it directly! These breakers replace Type C breakers without upgrading panels to include Type BR breakers.

Thermal-Magnetic Over Current Protection

This Siemens circuit breaker is designed to protect your home’s wiring from extreme temperatures caused by excess current that exceeds its wire rating and from potentially hazardous situations that don’t involve overcurrent, such as severe electrical shock or electrocution, fire hazards and damage from surges and voltage spikes.

This Siemens breaker features a thermal-magnetically operated over current protection system that will automatically trip if it detects that your wiring is overheating due to circuit overload, shutting off power for your device so it can be safely corrected – helping avoid electrical fires that can be very hazardous for both people and pets in your household.

Siemens’ Dual Function Plug-On Circuit Breaker Offers Both Arc Fault and Ground Fault Protection in One

Siemens is the first in its Class to introduce a plug-on circuit breaker offering both Arc Fault and Ground Fault protection in one convenient package, making it more straightforward for homeowners to meet National Electrical Code regulations that mandate both Arc Fault and Ground Fault coverage on kitchen and laundry circuits. Furthermore, this device features a self-test feature to verify quickly if both GFCI and AFCI devices are working correctly.

The Siemens Breaker is designed for use with their EQ, Ultimate, and ITE load centers and panels from Pentair Jandy Hayward Intermatic, and it has a current rating of 20 amps and 120/240-volt voltage ratings.

GFCI Protection

Ground-fault circuit-interrupter (GFCI) devices can be found in receptacles, outlets, and circuit breakers to protect users from severe electrical shock by quickly sensing imbalances of electricity to shut off power in less than a tenth of a second if necessary. They should be installed wherever electricity and water could come into contact, such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, or outdoor spaces.

A GFCI works by comparing the current flowing out from its “hot” side and returning through to its neutral side; if any abnormal current flow, such as through water or you, is detected, it will immediately trip a GFCI and trip.

This Siemens breaker features a 30 mA GFCI trip current that is more than sufficient to protect equipment but insufficient to protect humans. Furthermore, it includes a visual indication of the trip and is required by UL 943 for reliable performance.

This single-pole breaker from Siemens is compatible with their EQ, Ultimate, ITE, and Gould load centers, as well as panels from Pentair, Jandy, and Hayward. Rated at 120V/20A for reliable interrupting performance even under extreme loads; additionally, it resists false trips caused by RF interference.

Self Test

A professional electrician should limit the number of outlets on each circuit to avoid overloading it, which could cause overheated wires to trip the breaker and trip off. According to National Electric Code standards, only 10 1.5 amp outlets per 20-amp circuit should be added; any more would indicate that your home needs its wiring infrastructure upgraded.

These Siemens GFCI breakers feature an automated self-test function designed to protect appliances against damaging ground faults. As they usually operate, these breakers continuously monitor the current between hot and neutral conductors; should this difference become too great, the GFCI will detect it and close off the circuit immediately to stop its flow of electricity.

These Siemens 20 amp breaker breakers, certified by both UL and CSA as Class A devices, serve as reliable protectors of your home’s electrical system. Boasting an interrupting rating of 10,000 AIC for an easy and quick installation process via the Insta-Wire feature, plus designed to work seamlessly with Siemens type EQL SEQG and PL load centers without costly rewiring of panels or panels needing upgrading, these breakers will upgrade without hassles of expensive rewiring.

This dual-technology circuit breaker combines state-of-the-art technologies into one convenient device to offer both GFCI and Arc Fault protection – essential features of compliance with 2014 National Electrical Code requirements for kitchen and laundry circuits. Siemens plug-in breakers ensure this compliance.

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