The Benefits of a Nose Thread Lift


The nose is an integral facial feature, and its shape has the power to alter how people perceive your face. Rhinoplasty surgery may be the solution to many nose-related problems; however, not all patients require such an extensive procedure. Check out the Best info about لیفت با نخ.

Nose thread lift is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment using dissolvable threads to tighten and lift skin in less than an hour for minimal downtime, commonly referred to as the “lunchtime nose job.”

Quick and Effective

Still, waiting for surgery but looking to improve their nasal bridge height or nose tip slim down? TGA-approved PDO threads can provide a “scaffolding effect,” lifting and reshaping the nose while stimulating collagen for long-term benefits.

The procedure is generally quick and painless, with most patients returning directly to work or other activities after treatment. Swelling and bruising are sometimes present afterward but should subside within several days; to speed healing up further, it’s recommended that blood-thinning medications or supplements be avoided for several weeks prior to your appointment; drink plenty of water and consume foods rich in vitamin K instead.

Nose thread lifts use bioresorbable threads composed of polydioxanone, poly-L-lactic acid, or polycaprolactone, which will break down over time into the water and carbon dioxide in your body – no lasting side effects or results will remain. However, they should be repeated over time in order to maintain your desired look. Many clients enjoy receiving nose thread lifts as lunchtime treatments due to how convenient and fuss-free this treatment process can be; clients can even drop in on their way in or out of work!

No Incisions

Nose thread lifts provide an alternative non-surgical rhinoplasty that offers permanent solutions for flat nasal bridges, the crookedness of your nose ridge, or other issues with its structure. As this noninvasive process does not require general anesthesia or long recovery times, patients typically return to work and other activities within an hour after their appointment.

Your doctor will first administer local anesthetic injections to numb the area around your nose before inserting PDO threads as scaffolds for your nose based on its current shape and desired outcome. The amount of threads may differ depending on which way they’re pulled through your nostrils.

Once the procedure has been completed, you should experience some mild bruising and swelling, which should subside within days or weeks. If excessive bruising occurs, steroid packs may help lessen its intensity; other over-the-counter medication may be taken if there is discomfort associated with it.

After receiving a nose thread lift, there are certain activities you should refrain from during the initial week to prevent accidental dislodging of sutures. You should avoid rubbing your face, pursing lips, smoking, and eating foods rich in vitamin K in order to minimize the risk of bruising.

No Stitches

A nose thread lift utilizes dissolvable polydioxanone (PDO) threads that can be safely and conveniently assimilated by your body over time, unlike surgical rhinoplasty, which involves incisions and stitches, making this noninvasive option ideal for those looking for noninvasive nose jobs.

As part of your treatment, a light local anesthetic will be applied to ensure no discomfort or pain is felt during thread insertion. We will determine how many threads will be required in order to produce the desired results depending on your goals and the current shape of your nose.

Threads act as scaffolding for the nose, giving shape and definition while encouraging collagen production for long-term support. This non-invasive treatment offers an effective alternative to traditional rhinoplasty that can be completed within an hour, often known as the lunchtime nose job.

After your treatment is complete, you will be able to resume your normal activities with minimal downtime and discomfort. Although bruising and swelling may persist for up to one week following a procedure, using ice packs for inflammation reduction and massage therapy to speed recovery time will help. Furthermore, blood-thinning medications must not be taken; instead, eat plenty of green leafy vegetables for one week prior to any scheduled procedure in order to minimize the risk of bruising and bleeding.

No Recovery Time

The procedure is quick and painless; results are instantaneous. Slight bruising or swelling may occur; however, this usually subsides within days to weeks.

To perform the treatment, sterilization and the application of a topical anesthetic to the nose are needed before sutures are inserted under the skin through minor entry points at the tip. Cannulae are then inserted through which multidirectional barbed threads can be hooked into the skin for manipulation to produce a lifting effect; this process typically takes 15-45 minutes.

PDO threads used for nose thread lifts help stimulate collagen production, providing long-term benefits and natural-looking results without disrupting cartilage structure. When performed by a trained and skilled practitioner, this procedure can offer lasting solutions that slim or redefine nose shapes without disrupting cartilage structure.

Ideal candidates for nose thread lift surgery include those with realistic expectations and manageable concerns. This procedure should not be undertaken if attempting to change the size or shape of their nose dramatically, nor can it address issues caused by age, such as drooping or sagging at the tip. In addition, nose thread lift surgery is not suitable for patients who have thin or sun-damaged skin.

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