4 Patriots Survival Food Review


Food stored with 4 Patriots survival food is packaged in Mylar pouches and treated with high-tech oxygen absorbers to remove air so as to maintain flavor and nutritional value over an incredibly long period. This allows the food to retain both its taste and nutritional value for longer. Have the Best information about readywise emergency food supply.

This 3-month survival kit contains 688 servings of nutritious food that will ensure you and your family remain well-fed in an emergency. Each meal provides a balanced diet, including proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins.

High-Capacity Oxygen Absorbers

4Patriots survival food’s long shelf life is made possible through high-capacity oxygen absorbers that remove any extra air that might degrade it and contribute to bacteria growth while being cold sealed to avoid heat-related spoilage.

Oxygen absorbers can extend the shelf life of sealed foods up to 25 years when placed inside mylar bags, vacuum bags, or mason jars with food seals. When not being used, they should be stored away in an airtight jar to reduce exposure and waste.

Freeze-Dried Foods

This company has had a history of negative reviews and complaints on scam-reporting websites. After they rebranded in 2018 and put more focus on customer service, their complaints significantly decreased but not entirely disappeared.

Freeze-dried food can be eaten as is, used in recipes, or rehydrated and used like fresh food. They should be stored in a calm and dark location away from any direct light sources and in Mylar bags that reseal securely for less space-taking than cans. In addition, freeze-dried companies provide survival equipment like solar generators and water purification systems.

Freeze-Dried Meats

Preserving meat over time involves many methods, including dehydration, canning, and pickling; freeze-drying stands out as being among the fastest and easiest processes available.

Stores commonly sell re-sealable bags of freeze-dried meats for easy storage. Additionally, they’re often included as part of pre-made survival food meals like mac and cheese or lasagna. When hydrating freeze-dried beef in boiling water, it could overcook, leading to a rubbery texture, which could make eating unpleasant.

Freeze-Dried Vegetables

Freeze-drying food preserves its nutrients and flavor without degrading or altering it, making it much healthier than dehydration, which may compromise or alter food taste.

Freeze-dried vegetables make an excellent option for backpacking adventures and emergency food storage, being lightweight and easily portable.

Legacy Freeze-Dried Broccoli Florets come packaged in convenient pouches that make eating on their own or adding them to other prepper meals easy and hydration convenient. Rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals – plus they store easily – these healthy bites make an excellent way to power through life with less food waste!

Freeze-Dried Baked Goods

The 4Patriots survival food kits provide three months’ worth of nutritious meals using freeze-drying to preserve them without spoilage, then stored safely for years in airtight Mylar pouches; when stored correctly, they have an impressive 25-year shelf life.

Allen and Erin Baler founded their company to help families prepare for emergencies every day. Their Utah production facility meets both USDA and FDA regulations for quality ingredients and ships orders promptly from its warehouse. Allen & Erin Baler offers comforting food buckets full of both sweet and savory foods to provide ease during difficult times.

Freeze-Dried Fruits

Lyophilized fruits (freeze-dried fruits), commonly referred to as lyophilization, make an ideal addition to your survival food supplies. The freeze-drying process removes up to 99 percent of moisture but preserves both shape and color in these fresh-cut fruits.

Freeze-dried fruits have a long shelf life and lightweight portability, making them great for snacks or adding as a topping on oatmeal or other food products. Plus, these frozen treats don’t contain more sugar than fresh ones while providing good fiber intake and being sodium-free!

Freeze-Dried Eggs

Freeze-dried eggs are an easy and protein-rich way to survive outdoor adventures, making them a reliable food source in times of emergency. Their long shelf-life makes them the perfect emergency survival food source.

Freeze-drying eggs is an effective way of extending their shelf life up to 20 years without placing them within the FDA’s “temperature danger zone” as dehydration does. As with dehydration, however, when consuming freeze-dried eggs, you must still cook them to 160 degrees Fahrenheit before consumption.

Rehydrating freeze-dried eggs is easy: add water and mix. After that, they’re ready for consumption, or add them to any recipe calling for eggs!

Freeze-Dried Chicken Chunks

4 Patriots Survival Food utilizes an innovative freeze-drying process to retain all the goodness and intense flavor of chicken chunks for maximum training treat or meal topping potential in your dog. This makes them the ideal training reward or meal supplement.

4Patriots survival food is produced in America using high-grade domestic and imported ingredients from their production facility in Utah to meet federal food safety regulations. When stored under ideal conditions, these supplies have a shelf life of 25 years!

Freeze-Dried Fish

Freeze-dried fish is an easy and delicious way to add protein to your diet quickly and conveniently. Plus, its versatile nature means it can serve as both a snack or ingredient in salads!

This study explored the impact of adding additives to FPI prior to freeze-drying on its stability, functional attributes, and sensory attributes. Results demonstrated that FPIs containing additives had lower values of oxidation index as well as less intense intensities for dried fish odor/flavor/fish liver oil flavor/odor than freeze-dried mince samples.

Freeze-Dried Shrimp

Wise Company offers this gluten-free survival food kit with an impressive 84 servings of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners in a bucket with Mylar pouches that double as containers for easy preparation. Additionally, its 25-year shelf life ensures no refrigeration requirements!

This freeze-dried seafood treat is an ideal treat for both dogs and cats. It is made with only one ingredient to maximize protein and calcium intake while supporting heart and brain health. Plus, this food can even be fed to amphibians such as frogs and turtles!

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