Barcelona City Tour – Top 5 Sights to See on Your Barcelona City Tour


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The green route will lead you east along Barcelona’s modernist architecture. Stop at La Pedrera and Casa Batllo before finishing at Montjuic.

1. La Rambla

One of Barcelona’s main streets, this tree-lined avenue is a vibrant hub of sights and sounds. Along its length are museums, churches, shops and cafes as well as famous buildings such as Casa Bruno Cuadros or even more peculiar structures like ‘Fairy Forest’ housing the Wax Museum.

Rambla de la Rambla’s centerpiece is its 130-foot Corinthian column with its statue of Christopher Columbus at its top. His massive hand is raised in salute to the sea, while bas-relief panels depict scenes from his life.

At night, the street takes on a whole different atmosphere: with more street vendors and stalls popping up as well as tourists and pickpockets coming through more frequently.

Be wary of overpriced food and drinks; bargain hunting may still be possible at traditional markets on the street. Concerts at Liceu Opera House regularly feature world-renowned performers such as Pavarotti, Callas, Domingo, and Tebaldi – so make sure your visit coincides with one!

2. Placa Reial

Placa Reial was intended to serve as Barcelona’s main square, yet has long since lost any pretensions of grandeur and has instead become one of its busiest squares – often filled with locals gathering to drink and dine at one of the many bars or restaurants lined up along its colonnades.

Francesc Daniel Molina i Casamajo named this square “Real (Royal)” in honor of King Ferdinand VII. Additionally, he intended to erect an equestrian statue of this monarch at its center.

Antoni Gaudi created two unique lampposts that give this square an authentic Mediterranean aesthetic; their winged helmets and dragon heads lend it an exotic charm. Palm trees line its edges while uniform buildings complete its picturesque view.

Placa Reial wouldn’t be complete without tasting its signature dish: paella! Locals recommend Les Quize Nits or MariscCo for delicious plates made of rice, seafood and meat served on terrace overlooking the square.

3. La Pedrera

La Pedrera may have earned itself the negative moniker “La Pedrera,” but its beauty cannot be denied. Its stone facade undulates like an ocean-side cliff while its eye-catching wrought iron balconies conjure images of seaweed on the shore. On entering, be amazed by Gaudi’s unique chimneys, which were once considered unnecessary but now stand as one of his signature features.

An Essential Ticket visit allows visitors to explore this extraordinary building at their own pace, including its famed rooftop. For a unique experience, consider a tour with an apartment experience, which will allow you to see inside a bourgeois home.

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4. Casa Batllo

Passeig de Gracia in Barcelona is home to one of Gaudi’s masterpieces that captures visitors with its dramatic colors and intricate architectural detail. One can see here how he was drawn towards natural forms for inspiration when designing his buildings.

Casa Batllo’s most iconic feature is its dragon back roof, an ode to Saint George as the patron saint of Catalonia and believed by some to represent an image of him slaying a dragon with his sword.

Internally, Gaudi designed his interior using local artisans whose work he integrated into his designs.

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5. Sagrada Familia

Antoni Gaudi’s masterpiece church stands as one of Barcelona’s major tourist attractions. Formerly known as La Sagrada Familia (meaning ‘holy family”), its distinctive Roman Catholic basilica has become an iconic landmark and landmark symbolizing both Barcelona and its citizens alike.

Gaudi was not fond of conventional architecture, opting for curvier pieces inspired by tree trunks instead. His facade features geometric forms and religious symbols, while his interior boasted natural forms and colors that made the space feel less cold.

Visit this iconic landmark with a guide, learning more about its construction and the religious significance of each element of its design. Afterward, ascend one of the towers via an elevator (recently reopened after Covid-imposed closures) for an up-close experience that provides a backstage pass – you may even experience epiphanies as you find a hidden spot within this incredible masterpiece! Afterward, hop back on the bus for more sightseeing around Barcelona–it’s the best way to navigate without needing a car!