The Best Restaurant in Barcelona


The recently opened plant-filled space serves both a la carte and tasting menus, taking inspiration from all over the globe, from modern Catalan dishes to classic bourgeois cuisine. Look into the best info about restaurants in Barcelona.

At this hidden-away neighborhood gem, their specialty lies in nose-to-tail cooking and delicate dining makeovers of grandma’s comfort food. Expect dishes like roast chicken with fine herbs or even calf’s brain!

Cucina Hermanos Torres

Finding the best restaurant can be challenging in Barcelona’s restaurant-filled streets. Cocina Hermanos Torres stands out among them by providing an unforgettable culinary experience. This Michelin-starred establishment, led by twin brothers Sergio and Javier Torres, offers guests an exquisite dining experience unlike any other.

This restaurant, housed in an old warehouse, features modern and minimalist decor. Its vast open kitchen serves as the focal point of the space; three sparkling kitchen islands surrounded by dining tables form its center. Here, guests can watch chefs at work while they dine and interact with them directly while doing so.

As soon as guests step foot inside the restaurant, they are welcomed by a wine cellar-separated bar area where they can enjoy drinks and appetizers before moving onto the main dining space to taste one of the brothers’ delicious culinary creations.

Quimet & Quimet

Quimet & Quimet opened their wine shop in 1914 as a wine purveyor and still offer wine pairings with bite-sized treats such as cured meats, cheeses, and fish. Their bodega contains an abundance of preserves, but their real star is food: mounted mini-sandwiches featuring gourmet ingredients from cans or vacuum bags are displayed alongside wines for which they were meant (think juicy cecina strips of salted, cured air-dried beef that are so intense they almost look like jerky with sweet tomato marmalade and tart green pickle relish!)

Quimet & amp Quimet is a local favorite, and it isn’t uncommon to see large groups huddling outside, waiting to grab one of their standing bar stools. Arrive early to try every dish on their menu—including their iconic patatas bravas dish—while their knowledgeable sommeliers know just which wine perfectly complements each tapa.

Dos Palillos

Dos Palillos (Spanish for “two chopsticks”) offers a creatively inspired tapas menu that explores the connections between Asian and Spanish tapas cuisine. The dishes are inspired by Japanese, Chinese, and Southeast Asian cuisines, as well as Spanish fare. Albert Raurich, who spent 11 years at El Bulli before opening this restaurant, and Tamae Imachi, its Sommelier, operate the restaurant.

Attractively situated near MACBA Museu d’Art Contemporani, this fusion restaurant specializes in Asian (primarily from Japan ) and Iberian ingredients. Diners may sit side-by-side along a long wooden bar or in more attractive U-shaped counter seating that allows them to watch chefs prepare their food.

There’s an array of tasting menus on offer, ranging from black truffle mochi and red prawn sushi to wagyu beef terimochi and steamed dumplings with Iberian pork. Small portions and simple utensils bridge both culinary cultures – much like toothpicks are used to spear tapas in Spain.


Betlem offers Mediterranean-influenced cuisine, featuring seafood, meat, and vegetarian dishes on its menu. Additionally, there is an exceptional wine list to accompany each course on the menu, and the service is both attentive and friendly – ideal after a day spent hiking or visiting the seashore.

Pego’s Betlem is a breathtaking historic treasure. Donated to them by Franciscan nuns over 100 years ago, its leading figures date back over one hundred years before being restored by Association Betlemista de Pego with new structures created from cork and recycled materials, adding another element to this marvel of nature and history.

Marina Alta’s Betlems go far beyond simple nativity scenes: they showcase the city’s heritage and culture while attesting to Spanish craftsmanship. One such Betlem is located at Xabia in Denia; its maritime theme reflects Denia’s connection to the Mediterranean Sea.

Casa Luz

At this hidden restaurant, the Colombo twins provide an introduction to TransAlpine cuisine, an innovative cuisine that bridges Italian and Catalan cooking styles. Enjoy dishes such as sarde in saor and baccala mantecato, along with all sorts of regionally inspired specialties like fresh seafood dishes!

Barcelona’s food scene has never been more vibrant. From neighborhood bars that embrace authenticity and simplicity to Michelin-star restaurants offering elaborate tasting menus, Barcelona is home to the culinary talent of every stripe.

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