Beary Boba – A Bubble Tea Phenomenon


Boba tea has quickly become an international phenomenon since its introduction in Taiwan and the US in 1999. Its unique combination of creamy dairy and crunchy tapioca balls makes it instantly irresistible, yet while making perfect boba may appear simple. What do you consider about BearyBoba Tea Shop.

The Bear

Beary Boba is an adorable peach bear with black dots on its ears and a hand hanging out of its mouth; equipped with wings, it can fly. Perfect as companionship for anyone feeling lonely, huggable, and shoutable alike – or as a thoughtful present for bubble tea fans.

Beary Boba offers more than just regular tea; in addition to providing soy and almond milk options for people with lactose intolerance, Beary Boba also provides lactose-intolerant people with a tasty beverage option.

The Jelly

Beary Bobas are the ideal plushies for anyone who adores bubble tea! Showcasing both cuteness and satisfaction in one adorable plushie, these delightful bears offer something extra snuggly – three tempting flavors make these super soft plushies the ideal bubble tea companions – you won’t want to put down these snuggly friends that never flatten! Providing comforting, snuggly bubble tea embraces to comfort any soul!

Chinatown Spot was founded by two second-generation Chinese-American siblings who wanted to open NYC’s inaugural bubble tea and sneaker store, all under one roof. Now you can purchase sneakers and streetwear by local designers before enjoying a drink and snack from their selection of boba drinks – such as Pacific Lemonade (butterfly pea flower tea with lemon) and Shattered Mango (mango slushie with mango jellies and popping boba).

St. Johns is home to this cozy spot offering traditional bubble milk tea with an interesting spin, using family recipes and unique toppings like crystal bubbles (made with agar-agar powder for clearer and chewier tapioca pearls) or fruit-flavored jelly slices. Additionally, you can even get their delicious jianbing, which features meat, veggies, and eggs packed into a Taiwanese steamed bun – to get your carb fix on the go.

This raccoon-themed bubble tea shop boasts an extensive selection of sweet beverages in an inviting space with gray walls and floors that resemble the caves of a raccoon. Their signature drinks include Raccoon’s Heaven (taro foam, brown sugar boba milk, herbal jelly, and pudding) and Taro Heaven 2.0 (taro foam with brown sugar boba milk and taro jellies), along with their legendary cream cheese mochi!

The Tea

Boba tea shops have quickly spread beyond Taiwanese enclaves to become a widespread trend across America. If this experience seems daunting to you, it isn’t alone: all boba drinks offer customizable menu options with seemingly limitless customization possibilities that might seem confusing and intimidating at first.

Boba drinks typically begin with black or green tea as the foundation, then are customized with various syrups, toppings, and additives such as fruit jelly or pudding. Sometimes, boba beverages may even be turned into cold slushies for those who aren’t fans of hot drinks. They are served up in standard to-go coffee cups equipped with either a long spoon or a large boba straw, depending on what’s included in each glass.

Boba drinks offer an almost limitless array of toppings, including:

Tapioca Pearls – These chewy brown and black pearls, known as boba or bubble tea pearls, add sweetness to any tea drink and are commonly found in black, green, oolong, and herbal varieties. Popping Boba – For an exciting drink addition, try popping boba; its bright poppers can come in flavors such as orange lychee and pink rose.

Some boba beverages go without tea at all and instead use juice (passion fruit, mango, or kiwi) as the base ingredient. Some shops even provide dairy-free drinks as an option for people who cannot tolerate lactose.

The Straw

Boba, or chewy tapioca starch gelatin, is often added to drinks such as milk tea, smoothies, and fruit juices for its chewy texture and delicious taste. When simmered in sweet syrup, it creates its trademark chewy texture, which many love so much!

Boba is a gluten-free food that has become an increasingly popular drink “topping.” The syrup can also be customized with fruit flavors such as strawberry or lychee for extra appeal. Boba can be added to black or green tea to produce traditional boba milk tea beverages or used to embellish other beverages, like smoothies or iced coffee drinks.

The Beary Boba plush toy is the ideal combination of adorableness and bubble tea bliss! These delightful plush animals come in three kawaii colors – pink strawberry, yellow pineapple, and green avocado! Super soft yet the ideal size for cuddling, add one today to your collection!

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