Checking Your Smart Phone’s Warranty Status


Have you ever wondered, if your recently purchased mobile device breaks or stops working, what choices could be besides returning it to the carrier store for an “exchange” or “refund”? When the mobile gadget you got on eBay, online, or through friends starts acting strangely, who do you contact? Where can you get a replacement screen for a phone that’s four years old? The details of a smartphone’s manufacturer warranty are commonly misunderstood, but familiarizing yourself with the essentials might save you a lot of money on authorized repairs for a broken iPhone or another mobile device.

An Overview of Standard Manufacturer Warranties for Smart Phones

Before proceeding, please read the sections below to determine whether or not the manufacturer’s guarantee still covers your broken cell phone. Depending on your broken cell phone category, you may or may not be eligible for certain services.


Any mobile equipment (including smartphones) you buy will be covered by a warranty that ensures it performs as the manufacturer promises. However, a time limit for reasonable claims submission is standard for legal warranty clauses. A typical 12-month warranty period is used by most original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). This implies that your new smartphone will be covered for the first year from the date of purchase. To get a precise date, add a whole year to the date of purchase shown on your invoice. Keep the original receipt as evidence of purchase at all times. Store statistics and bar codes on boxes are not reliable sources of proof. Therefore, you shouldn’t rely on them. The box itself is typically where you’ll find any included warranty documentation.

Causes of the Failure:

Only the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) can offer a warranty on its products and components; any aftermarket additions or upgrades are not covered. When a product fails due to a flaw in production, the manufacturer will fix it at no cost to the customer. The following are some malfunctions that will result in warranty coverage:

When Susan initially turned on her brand new (just purchased) Motorola Droid X, the screen was blank, and it remained that way throughout repeated power-ups.

Ted’s Samsung Fascinate, only four months old, has been giving him trouble with its speaker recently.

Pete’s 9-month-old Blackberry Bold has keyboard troubles; specifically, the letter “A” button is unresponsive, making it difficult for him to compose texts or emails.

What date did your smartphone’s warranty expire?

The warranty will be null and void if the factory determines that the defect or malfunction was caused by “CID” (Customer-Induced Damages). Manufacturers will not respect the warranty on purposely damaged products. Three common indicators of CID/noncovered status are (1) a cracked LCD or screen; (2) evidence of liquid entry or water damage; and (3) the expiration of a policy timeframe based on the device’s date of manufacture. Some situations that fall beyond the scope of the warranty are given below:

Mary’s AT&T iPhone 4 was dropped by her child, resulting in a little fracture in the LCD screen. Since the damage was intentionally caused, Apple will not cover the cost of the required maintenance.

A student’s T-Mobile HD2 shorted out after he spilled beer on it during last night’s graduation party, rendering it unusable. The gadget’s LDI (liquid damage indicator**) also went off. Since the damage was intentionally caused, HTC will not cover the repair cost.

Katie wanted to file a claim for her broken VerizonSnap 16 months after she bought it, well past the 12-month OEM warranty’s expiration. Since the effective coverage period has expired, HTC will not honor the free repair.

Corey, a self-proclaimed “tech nerd,” unlocked his iPhone to install a modified operating system and render some of the phone’s features useless.

Susan bought a lightly used Sprint Epic 4G on eBay and tried to get service. Still, she was told that the limited warranty only applied to the phone’s original owner and not to any subsequent or third-party purchases. Used products purchased through official channels (such as Sprint stores) are eligible for a 90-day warranty, but only if they are certified as “pre-owned” by the carrier. The manufacturer’s warranty does not apply to phones bought via the gray market or from any other source that is not the original distributor or reseller.

A little piece of litmus paper (LDI = Liquid damage indicator) is positioned in strategic areas of a mobile device to reveal water intrusions. When exposed to excessive moisture, the form will turn pink, showing any previous water damage to the structure.

Alternatives to Warranty Replacement & Repair for Broken Phones

If your phone is broken or damaged beyond repair, what other options do you have besides putting it in a drawer or throwing it away?

To get original parts and guaranteed service, you can either (1) pay more for repairs or (2) request service from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or factory repair location. LCD replacements typically cost more than $150. Below is the factory’s contact information.

The Apple Out-of-Warranty Support Hotline is 1-800-694-7466.

HTC Extended Service Plan: (888) 617-1113

Blackberry Support after Warranties Expire: 1.800.331.0500

For information on LG’s extended warranty program, please call 1-800-243-0000.

Samsung’s Extended Service Plan (ESP): 1.800.726.7864

Motorola’s Extended Service Plan: (800) 653-5350

For information on Nokia’s extended warranty program, please call 1.888.665.4228.

Out-of-warranty Sony Ericsson program: (866) 766-9374

Two) Visit a cell phone repair business that offers walk-in service. The yellow pages will help you find them. Despite their low prices, the quality of their repairs and replacement parts varies widely.

You can claim if you select mobile phone insurance as part of your monthly billing contract. By paying the policy’s deductible, you can have your phone(s) replaced if it is stolen or destroyed. Depending on the make and model, carriers typically offer them a monthly price of $7 to $15 per handset. However, you need to be covered by active insurance at all times, and filing too many claims too quickly will get you blacklisted. A refurbished replacement phone will be sent to you by the insurance company.

4. Sell on eBay as scrap material; this option requires an active eBay account and familiarity with the auction process, including shipping and handling.

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