Karni Mata Mandir and Its Special Significance


Also known as Shri Karniji Maharaj, she is worshipped as being the incarnation of the warrior empress Durga by her admirers. She is an official deity with the royal family of Jodhpur in addition to Bikaner. She lived the ascetic life and seemed to be widely revered during her lifetime. At the request of the Maharajas of Bikaner and Jodhpur, she laid the building blocks of the Bikaner Fortification and Mehrangarh Fort, both the most important forts in the region. Essentially the most well-known of her temples in the small town of Deshnoke, near Bikaner in Rajasthan, was created following the girl’s mysterious disappearance from the girl home. To know about om gam gaum ganapataye vighna vinashine swaha, click here.

The temple is known for its white rats, treated as sacred and protected on the forehead. Another temple dedicated to the girl during her lifetime varies from others in that it will not contain an image or ideal of her but rather some sort of footprint to symbolize her stopping by at that place.

According to history, Karni Mata was formerly the wife of Depoji Charan of the village involving Sathika. However, she after expressed an unwillingness to her hubby to engage in marital associations. He initially humored your ex, thinking that she would relent on time. Instead, Karni arranged intended for him to marry your ex-younger sister, Gulab, to ensure he might have a true wedded bliss. She remained celibate all her life while using agreement and support involving her husband, who passed on in 1454.

Karni occupied her husband’s village approximately two years before leaving ready followers and a herd involving cattle to live a nomadic life. She and your ex-followers once made a getaway at the village of Jango. A servant of Rao Kanha, ruler involving Jangloo, denied Karni, your ex-followers, and their cattle usage of water. Karni Mata expressed her follower, Rao Ridmal of Chandasar as the village’s brand-new ruler and continued on her journey. Karni Mata stopped wandering furthermore and settled at Deshnok. In 1453, she presented her blessing to Rao Jodha of Jodhpur, who intended to conquer Ajmer, Merta, and Mandor. In 1457 this lady went to Jodhpur at Rao Jodha’s request to put the cornerstone of the Mehrangarh fort at Jodhpur.

Your ex-first temple was designed in the village of Mathania during her lifetime by simply her follower Amara Charan. In 1472, she specified the marriage between Rao Bika and Rang Kunwar. Rao Bika was the fifth kid of Rao Jodha, along with Rang Kunwar was the little girl of Rao Shekha involving Pongal. The marriage was to switch the hostility of the Rathor and Bhatian families straight into friendship. In 1485, this lady laid the foundation stone on the fort of Bikaner at the request of Rao Bika. In 1538, Karniji left to visit the Maharaja of Jaisalmer. On 21 March, this lady traveled back to Deshnok, ready stepson Poonjar and a few various other followers. They were near Gadiyala and Girirajsar of the Kolayat tehsil in the Bikaner section when she typically asked the caravan to stop for normal water. It was reported that this lady disappeared there at regarding 151 years.

How rodents feel so protected as well as safe here:

This is the majority of pertinent questions the devotees, rationalists, atheists, and skeptics ask about how rodents so freely and fearlessly roam around here and seldom do they accidentally kill.

Here’s its description, which the author got from the rodentologist. He told me which rats have the sharpest feeling of discerning and knowing whether or not they’re intimidating to their (rats’) lives. Rodents then freely run about, knowing that humans in the area of the temple will never injure them.

Moreover, rats in the large group tend to grow fearless, and they’re not fearful of humans when they’re in the big group. Secondly, one could criticize this, but it turned out found that in all Ganesh temples, there’ll invariably always be rats because rat/mouse could be the vehicle of Lord Ganesha and Karni Mata is certainly an avatar of Durga, the mother of Lord Ganesha. During Navratri, scores of lovers come for darshan with Karni Mata Temple Bikaner.

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