What Are the Controls for Traffic Rider?


Traffic Rider is one of the latest entries into an ever-expanding genre of video games that test players’ ability to drive vehicles at high speeds. Created by the creators of Traffic Racer, Traffic Rider presents numerous ways for players to challenge themselves. Find out the best info about traffic rider mod apk download.

Traffic Rider can be enjoyed on your laptop computer (windows pc) and Windows tablet devices, with mod apps providing additional options and features that surpass those in their original form.


Traffic Rider joins an ever-increasing selection of games that put players in first person on a motorcycle in a world filled with high-speed traffic. Its simple controls offer an immersive experience that can challenge players even further when trying to complete missions in career mode.

This game provides numerous customizable options, such as engine sounds, tire screeches, ambient noises, and dynamic day/night cycles to further immerse players while challenging their reflexes during racing through streets at breakneck speed.

Crashing into other vehicles in this game is inevitable, but players can alter their settings to allow blood to splatter when they hit. There are three different control options to customize their experience to their tastes. Players can collect in-game currency to unlock new bikes and customize them according to their driving styles.


Traffic Rider is the latest entry in an increasingly popular genre of games that tests your ability to maneuver vehicles through cities at breakneck speed safely. It is an engaging, immersive experience that pairs well with Lana Del Rey’s “Just Ride.”

Players control their motorcycles by tilting the device left and right, with the accelerator on the right side and brakes on the left side of the screen. More precise control can also be gained using joysticks or head tilting, depending on which device is used to play.

If the motion-based controls don’t suit your taste, there are options in the settings menu to alter them – including blood splatter effects upon crashes! Winners don’t slow down for anything until later levels in the game!

Left/Right Tilt

Traffic Rider is a high-speed motorcycle racing game designed to test driving skills. Offering first-person view and motion-based controls, Traffic Rider makes it possible to be an adventurous daredevil from the comfort of their couch!

The game allows players to customize their experience and preferences regarding control layouts and settings to make the gameplay more comfortable and intuitive. This feature is particularly crucial since one misstep could cause your mission to end and require restarting from scratch.

This game allows connecting a physical controller and offers players left/suitable tilt options to maneuver their bikes quickly. Furthermore, acceleration/braking buttons are located where they would be in real life, making it simple for only one hand to be required when playing the game and providing a premium look and feel.

Left/Right Shift

From the creators of Traffic Racer, Traffic Rider brings endless racing to another level with its full career mode and first-person view perspective – yet still retains all the excitement of classic arcade racing!

As with other games in this genre, you’ll complete various missions by piloting your motorcycle through scenarios that typically occur in real life. Reward points can be earned for maintaining certain speeds or popping wheelies – the thrill is weaving in and out of cars moving at breakneck speed!

Career mode, endless mode, and time trial game type are available as IAPs; starting pack grants you a bike, cash, and gold coins while purchasing a key to unlock multiple modes piecemeal costs just $1.99 more; however, most modes can be unlocked through regular play. A twisting road could have added even more challenge.

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