Nutrient Survival Foods Review


Nutrient Survival foods provide both nutrition and convenience regarding emergencies, hiking scenic trails, camping under the stars, or simply living off-grid. Discover the best info about survival food kit.

Iceberg Freeze-dried meals have an extended shelf life and are simple to prepare, all while being delicious and providing essential calories that support health and energy.

Freeze Dried Foods

Nutrient Survival offers a selection of meals and drinks tailored towards survival food enthusiasts. Their products range from hearty lasagna to creamy chocolate shakes and maple almond grain crunch; emergency meal kits can also be purchased. All their foods are packed with nutrients and low sodium content – something unique in this newcomer company’s survival food industry!

Tasteful meals in various simple flavors are available from Lifeline Food Storage, making them an excellent option for emergency or outdoor adventures. Most only require adding water, making these freeze-dried food options suitable for emergencies or long-term storage needs. They come packaged in #10 cans or individual pouches and last up to 25 years!

Dehydrated Foods uses cutting-edge technology to dehydrate its products, providing you with a nutritious meal of premium quality. Their food makes an ideal alternative to MREs because they are healthier and tastier than those sold commercially; their meals also contain significantly fewer calories than similar survival foods; they’re gluten-, dairy- and soy-free!

Another advantage of this company’s freeze-dried food is that its shelf life surpasses that of other survival foods, with their meals having up to 25-year shelf lives – perfect for emergency supplies or camping trips! Plus, all their food is GMO-free – making you feel good about feeding it to your family!

Food from this company is prepared at a state-of-the-art facility in Reno, Nevada, using only premium ingredients and featuring protein, vitamins, minerals, and Omega-3 fatty acids for optimal nutrition and overall well-being. They even pack their dishes full of antioxidants, protecting cells against damage while improving overall well-being.

They offer various emergency food kits, including their 30-day survival kit that provides three freeze-dried meals (mac and cheese, southwestern medley, and homestyle scramble), oatmeal cereal, and powdered milk for 30 days of survival preparations. A more affordable version for budget preppers is also available – #10 can arrangements are more appropriate to ensure survival on tight budgets.

Special Ops Grade Nutrition

Nutritional survival foods were initially created for military audiences but are equally great for camping trips or other outdoor activities. Lightweight and easy to prepare, these meals contain essential nutrients that energize you throughout your adventure. You can choose between a delectable Triple Mac or Homestyle Scramble to find one that meets US military nutrition standards.

Emergency food manufacturers claim these emergency foods were made for elite warriors. Special operators require peak physical and mental performance in an ever-evolving environment, leaving no time for snacking on chocolate bars or chewing beef jerky bars during busy missions or high-stress moments. So, this company created nutrient-dense products that can be devoured on the go or under extreme stress.

Emergency food products come in packages, from single-serving pouches to 10-serving cans. Individually or as kits containing freeze-dried meals, such as mac and cheese, Southwestern Medley, or Homestyle Scramble, as well as oatmeal and powdered milk powder, are available.

These meals provide between 230 to 340 calories per serving and boast a reasonable level of sodium and plenty of oat and maize fiber for energy without making you feel like cardboard. Though more costly than other survival food brands, you might find them worthwhile investment if energy-boosting food is what you seek when disaster strikes.

Peak Refuel is another company offering emergency food supplies. Though their emergency food may not taste as tasty, it contains more protein than Nutrient Survival meals and comes in single-serve packages with higher caloric counts than MREs. Peak Refuel may also be more costly; however, it could be advantageous if you prefer packing your emergency supplies in your backpack.

Long Shelf Life

Food that will last a long time properly includes canned fruits and vegetables, which come in various flavors to meet dietary needs. Honey is another valuable stockpiling item; its natural preservative properties make it suitable for long-term storage.

You should store various other items outside of food to prepare for an emergency. These may include grains like rice and beans that are easy to prepare, canned meat and fish, and water reserves in case power goes out or disaster strikes – storing this could be in your home, shelter, or vehicle.

Granola should also be included in your survival kit; it provides a nutritious, high-protein snack that lasts long when appropriately stored and offers essential vitamins and minerals. Ensure it stays cool and dry; this snack can be found at supermarkets and health food stores.

Nutrient Survival specializes in producing freeze-dried food rich in nutrients for survival situations and outdoor activities, called Special Ops-grade nutrition products. Their meals adhere to military nutrition standards for maximum performance and endurance.

Nutrient Survival provides individual meals designed for easy on-the-go eating, perfect for Bug Out Bags or Go Bags, that can easily be prepared using hot or cold water and taste great! They’re great value, too – these tasty dishes make perfect emergency preparedness meals.

Nutrient Survival differs from some emergency food companies by not offering individual pouches of their meals; instead, their offerings come in day survival kits or #10 cans. This may be less convenient if you prefer not to have multiple packs in your Bug Out Bag.

Easy to Prepare

Nutrient Survival offers an expansive selection of easy-to-prepare freeze-dried meals that don’t require cooking – perfect for prepping, camping and hunting trips, emergencies caused by natural disasters or artificial events, backup food sources in emergencies, and extended shelf lives with great taste! Their products come in single-serving pouches or durable #10 cans; they also sell dry mixes such as powdered milk and eggs to supply your pantry needs.

This company provides emergency and long-term folong-terme solutions that adhere to Special Ops nutritional standards utilized by the US Military. Their freeze-dried meals contain 40 essential nutrients, including 14 vitamins, 18 minerals, nine amino acids (protein), Omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids, fiber, and more – with foods high in protein yet low in sodium.

Many of their meals contain between 230 and 340 calories per serving, providing more than enough nutrition in an emergency. They should not serve as the primary diet; to remain effective, they should be supplemented with additional calories and proteins from other sources.

Many food ingredients come from natural sources and do not include GMOs, gluten, or MSG. Produced in the US with their proprietary process designed to preserve flavor while protecting nutrients and provide an experience far exceeding other freeze-dried food brands.

Another advantage of their meals is that they offer a healthier alternative to fast food or fast food dinners. Their options have lower fat and no trans-fat levels than many freezer-dried options on the market and make an excellent option for families with allergies as they do not contain nuts or dairy ingredients.

Nutrient Survival meals are competitively priced with other freeze-dried meals on the market and offer quality and quantity that cannot be beaten. Their meals can be stored for up to 25 years for emergency preparedness purposes or food prepping purposes, making their kits the ideal solution.

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